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Are your teeth straight, or do you suffer from misaligned or crooked teeth? Do you have an overbite? Not only do these and other alignment issues cause your smile to look uneven, they can have detrimental effects on your dental health. Misaligned teeth can be chipped or damaged, and bite issues can lead to conditions such as chronic jaw pain.

Orthodontic treatment can prevent these problems by straightening and re-aligning your teeth and correcting your bite. Treatments work by gently guiding your teeth into their proper alignments, and include methods such as metal braces and plastic aligners.


Invisalign plastic aligners are ideal for patients who don’t want to wear braces. They are virtually invisible when worn, and they can be removed while you are eating or brushing your teeth. The Invisalign system actually consists of a series of custom made aligners that you wear over the treatment period (usually two years). You change the aligners every two weeks for a new, slightly different pair. Each new pair of aligners applies slightly more pressure to your teeth, slowly repositioning them in your mouth.


Metal braces are attached to your teeth and reposition them with the use of elastics and wires. They cannot be removed throughout the treatment period and must be kept clean to avoid infection and decay. Over the course of your treatment you will need to return to our office to have your braces adjusted.

After Treatment

After your orthodontic treatment you will need to wear a plastic retainer. The retainer keeps your teeth from moving back to their original alignment while the tissue around them heals.

If you suffer from crooked teeth and would like to discuss your options for orthodontics treatment, or if you have questions about Invisalign or braces, call our office today.

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